Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Telling Incident -

"Had a tiny, but telling incident.

A pavement, half of which was cut off with work paraphernalia where the road was being dug up so the pavement was too narrow for more than one person a time. A man was approaching from one end and I was approaching from my end in the opposite direction. It was broad daylight and a busy area. It was a situation where you know that at one stage one or other of you will have to wait and let the other pass, distances were such that I knew I would get there first so logically I should go first and he wait.
I was in two minds, as previously I would probably just let him go first in order to avoid any possible embarrassing squeeze or confrontation or too close proximity in a narrow space.

On this day I thought logically I should go first - and so I did. He had not expected it and was bearing down rapidly (swaggeringly?) on where the narrow bit started and had to stop abruptly to let me pass. As I emerged, I was just about to give him a thank you nod when he swung into the narrow bit, just avoiding pushing me, and under his breath loud enough for me to hear F.... Bitch...

I ignored it and smiled to myself..."

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Anonymous said...

I think these tiny incidents happen everyday... So, I ask what is the mental picture of the public space that we (women) particularly have?