Thursday, 30 August 2007

On the Street

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"At around 9:30 at night I was coming home from the Gym on foot, a walk that takes no longer than 15 minutes. That evening I had managed to pull a muscle in my leg, so I was not walking as swiftly or confidently as usual, which I think it made me appear a perfect target. As I approached the block I live in, I heard steps behind me. I turned quickly to see, shaken by the noise. It was late and few people were around. He came up close behind me but passed and continued on the pavement; we looked at each other briefly as he passed. We were alongside my block. The flats are approached from the central courtyard, accessible from either side through large arches. As I turned I saw him further up the street walking away from me. I was about 10 metres inside the courtyard when he reappeared beside me, there was no one else around. I sped up but he caught up with me, pushing into me from the side. "What?" I said to him. "I just want to talk" he replied, but by then he had propelled into the wall, fencing me in with his torso and arms, with his tongue on my face and a hand on my chest. He was taller that I so all I could think to do was to swear loudly and punch him in the direction of his groin, though I think I was pummelling his stomach. The poorly aimed punches had an effect though, for he was gone in seconds. With hindsight I can see how I should have appeared less scared, and I wish I had made more effective use of the moves I was learning at the LCPS course. On the other hand, I know the course has made me see the importance of making noise and showing I was not going to be an easy target. I reported the attack to the police, through I wondered what good it could do, and feeling silly as I was obviously unhurt. I was glad to find soon after, that someone fitting his description had attacked at least four women in the vicinity in the two past weeks. Thankfully he has been arrested and is in custody and full statements are being taken from all involved. Some of the women attacked have been severely traumatised, and I can see the experience has had more effect on me than I first thought. Even in the most crowded areas I can jump at the sound of footsteps behind me, but this is only a small thing. "

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